I have been photographing since the age of ten when my father bought me my first camera. I was captivated. Over the years I have explored many forms of photography from nineteenth century historic processes to digital printing.

One of my approaches to photography is to create a painterly effect in my images by using motion, color and light in unusual ways. First Ferry to the Mainland, my first photograph in this style won the RAW/Boston Globe Magazine contest called New England Beginnings, January 17th, 2010. A client who had purchased a print called the image "haunting and beautiful."

My more recent work, photographs of Cuba, are part of my new "visual fingerprint." Building upon the use of motion, color and light in my earlier work, I have added the element of gesture, such as a person walking into the view finder at the "decisive moment" or a wave hitting a barrier wall at the right time. The addition of gesture has provided another perspective and immediacy to my photography.

Hokusai Wave on the Malecón was chosen for the exhibit "In Sight" at Lesley University Lunder Arts Center in July 2015, website.

Monique FischerFerry   First Ferry to the Mainland, Fall 2009                         Hokusai Wave on the Malecón, 2015

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